Fluent Forms EmailOctopus Integration

FluentForms EmailOctopus Integration


Create EmailOctopus subscribers from your Fluent Forms Submission. This Plugin will help you set up Fluent Forms integration with EmailOctopus.


  • Allow your users to sign up for an EmailOctopus newsletter list using Fluent Forms.
  • You can capture first name, last name, email, and any custom field data in EmailOctopus.
  • You can sign up users to as many lists as you like.
  • You can add and remove Tags to a contact in EmailOctopus based on the Form submission.
  • You can use the dynamic Tagging feature to apply tags dynamically to contacts based on the Form submission data.
  • You can set up the double opt-in confirmation email via EmailOctopus.
  • You can use conditional logic to trigger the integration based on certain conditions.



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